FREE online training videos - Bovine Ultrasonography of the Reproductive Tract

08 Aug 2013 - 0 Comments

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As part of our BCFs on-going commitment to promoting clinical learning opportunities in diagnostic imaging, BCF have produced a series of online instructional videos demonstrating how to perform an ultrasound examination of the bovine reproductive tract.

These short videos cover everything from machine set up and controls, to scanning techniques and features identified in pregnant and non-pregnant cows.

Video 1 - Introduction to the use of ultrasound for examination of the bovine reproductive tract.

Video 2 – Ultrasound machine setup and controls

Video 3 – Ultrasound probe and scanning techniques

Video 4 – Preparing to scan

Video 5 - Review of anatomy

Video 6 – Ultrasound examination of the pregnant cow (37 days)

Video 7 – Ultrasound examination of the non-pregnant cow

Video 8 – Ultrasound clip of the pregnant cow (37 days)

Video 9 – Ultrasound clip of the non-pregnant cow




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