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19 Mar 2015 - 0 Comments

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The speed at which imaging technology is improving creates both opportunities and challenges for your general veterinary practice. On the one hand, the relentless progress of image quality means veterinarians have a powerful tool for diagnosing difficult patients, or difficult conditions linked to, say, cardio or musculoskeletal problems. But on the other hand, investment in a new ultrasound scanner (which can be pricey) carries the risk of having outdated or redundant equipment in a few years time.

A possible solution lies in the Mindray M9, a portable ultrasound system featuring an advanced imaging system and processing power. “It’s got a quad core processor, so it’s built on today’s technology, not three-year-old technology,” explains David Miskimmin of BCF Ultrasound. “So this would suit a cardiac specialist, but it’s also at a price point in a way that can also suit a high-end general practice.”

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