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The Easi-Scan portable ultrasound machine was designed specifically for bovine ultrasound scanning, helping farmers to improve their farm management and allowing vets and producers to perform at the highest level.


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Because it has been specifically designed for use on farm, rather than adapted to it like the other bovine ultrasound machines on the market, the Easi-Scan portable ultrasound scanner makes the whole process of cattle ultrasound scanning easier.

With its external batteries, chargeable carry case and separate charge adaptor, the Easi-Scan lets you scan anywhere, anytime. Simple as that! Its small size, and weight plus ease of wear, makes it the best portable machine in the world for bovine applications.

Easy to Use
Conducting detailed ultrasound examinations using the very latest technology may not sound simple, but we’ve made it an absolute breeze. Thanks to its four button system, on-screen display menu and four application presets, using Easi-Scan couldn’t be any easier.

Robust and Reliable
Robust, hardwearing and splash resistant on the outside, with ultra-reliable animal ultrasound technology on the inside, the Easi-Scan offers something else of real value – peace of mind. Here’s a portable ultrasound machine you can rely on when the going gets tough – it won’t let you down.
The Easi-Scan’s excellent image quality and auto follicle measurement system means that you can detect cow pregnancy within just 19-24 days of gestation, an embryo’s viability at just 30 days and the sex of the foetus at around 60 days.

The farm can be a dangerous environment. You need to keep your wits about you. Unlike other bovine ultrasound machines, the Easi-Scan has been designed to put you in control of the situation, especially with the addition of the NFI5000 Monocular or BUG Universal goggles and their excellent peripheral vision. And having your hands free to work, Easi-Scan is actually comfortable to use. With no bending or twisting required to see the image, you can look forward to significantly less body strain and soreness after a hard day of bovine ultrasound scanning.

The Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound machine is also quicker to work with than other bovine ultrasound or equine ultrasound equipment which means more animal pregnancy examinations in less time. Its improved ultrasound resolution gives you clearer imaging achieved while maintaining a very fast frame rate, which allows quick probe movement without losing image quality. This an exclusive feature with patent pending. The fact that it’s lightweight, small, comfortable to wear and splash proof means that it’s quicker and easier to carry about and clean – speeding the entire process up, from start to finish.

Arm Free Scanning
Designed from our NZ office with the cattle vet in mind, the Quick Release Introducer has made scanning safer and more ergonomic, as well as improving productivity.



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2kg with battery


15 x 22 x 7 cm / 6 x 8.5 x 2.5 in




Battey operated (up to 4 hours continuous or 7 hours with auto standby)

Battery Level

Indicator on screen, low battery audible buzzer

Charging Options

Stand alone or carry case chargers

Charge Time

5 hours


128 element broadband linear probe, 60mm footprint


4.5MHz to 8.5MHz

Frame Rate

40 frames/second (late mode 28.5 frames/second)

Digital Channels


Preset Modes

Detail, foetal sexing, ovarian/early pregnancy, later pregnancy

Image Storage

Up to 100 images stored and export via USB cable transfer

Splash Proof


Dust Proof


Temperature range

Minus 10 °C to 40 °C

Viewing Options

NFI5000 Goggles, BUG Goggles, Remote Display, Wrist Monitor, Smart Display

Environmental rating

IP65 sealed and vented with GORETEX® breather


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