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The Mindray M7Vet Diagnostic Ultrasound System is a portable imaging platform for veterinarians. With powerful image optimisation techniques, intelligent workflow, abundant veterinary measurement and analysis packages, and specialised probes, the M7Vet provides detailed information for confident diagnosis.


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The M7’s exceptional image quality, user experience, and versatility have expanded the performance and flexibility envelope for hand carried ultrasound imaging systems.

High Speed User Experience

  • Compact, lightweight design enables convenient access to all point of care environments
  • 15" high resolution TFT LCD display with 170° viewing angle
  • Fast power up
  • Superior computing power: instantaneous response to user command and short cycle time
  • Sealed surface for easy infection control
  • iTouch™ : one button image optimization
  • User programmable exam presets: quick start and consistency
  • iStation™ : on board workstation for patient information management and connectivity
  • Wired and iRoam™, wireless, data transfer and connectivity


Premium Quality Performance Through Advanced Technologies

  • System On Chip (SOC): enables high end system technologies in an extremely compact design
  • Octal-beam imaging technology: provides excellent temporal resolution
  • iClear™ : speckle suppression technology
  • iBeam™ : spatial compounding
  • iZoom™ : enables accurate viewing of image for user from distance
  • iScape™ : panoramic imaging
  • TDI: tissue Doppler imaging
  • IMT: auto-measurement of carotid intimae-thickness
  • Full-featured DICOM function: network, worklist, MPPS, query/retrieve, structure reports
  • Upgradeable platform guarantees your long-term investment protection


Flexibility to meet your exchanging needs

  • Excellent system performance across a wide range of applications
  • User selectable setup, from dedicated specialty to full service
  • System ergonomic and utility: hand-carried to full service cart with external display
  • Wired and wireless data transfer and connectivity
  • Optional system cart: height adjustable, supports expanded functionalities, peripherals and storage
  • Upgradability: Expansion of current system capability
  • Addition of new capabilities in future releases

6.5kg including battery


35.7cm L x 36.1cm W x 7.5cm H


15 inch LCD, High-Resolution Monitor | Max Res: 1024 X 768


All digital broadband

Display Language

"Software display, control panel overlay and electronic copy of operation manuals including: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Finnish, Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian, and Swedish."



Stand available



System Operates via rechargeable lithium-ion battery or AC Power

Mounting Options

UMT-200 or UMT-300 Mobile Trolley

Transducer Compatibility

6C2s, 6LE5Vs, 7L5s, 7L4s, L7-3s, C5-2s, L12-4s, L14-6s, L14-6Ns, P4-2s, P7-3s, P12-4s

Imaging Modes
  • B-Mode: Fundamental Imaging, Tissue Harmonic Imaging, Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging
  • M –Mode: Free Xros M(Anatomical M ) with Max.3 sampling lines, Color M Mode (CM)
  • Color Doppler Imaging
  • Power Doppler Imaging: Power Doppler Imaging, Dir-Power Doppler Imaging
  • Spectrum Doppler: PWD (Pulse Wave Doppler), HPRF (High Pulse Repeat Frequency)
Display Mode

Single Window, Dual-Split, Quad-Split, Dual Live, Triplex Live

Special Imaging Technique and Functions
  • B Steer for linear transducer
  • ExFOV Imaging: Extended imaging for convex transducer
  • Trapezoid imaging for linear transducer
TDI (Tissue Doppler imaging)
  • TVI (Tissue Velocity Imaging)
  • TEI (Tissue Energy Imaging)
  • TVD (TDI-PW)
  • TVM (Tissue Doppler Velocity M Mode)
Other Imaging
  • Free Xros CM (Curved Free Xros M Mode) (TDI is necessary, Option)
  • TDI Quantitative Analysis Package : Provide the quantitative tools to evaluate the movement state of the myocardium
  • Smart 3D (Freehand 3D ) (Option) Rendering Mode: Surface, Max, Min, X-Ray, Inversion, 3D Navigation: Wire Cage
  • 4D module (Volume transducer is necessary, Option) Rendering Mode: Surface, Max, Min, X-Ray, and Inversion which are all with wire cage. (4D Navigation)
  • Static 3D (4D module is necessary, Option) Rendering Mode: Surface, Max, Min, X-Ray, Inversion which are all with wire cage (3D Navigation)
  • iScapeTM View(Option) Panoramic imaging function in all type of transducers.
  • iBeamTM (Spatial compounding imaging for linear and convex transducers)
  • iClearTM: (Adaptive speckle suppression imaging for all probes)iTouchTM (Instant image optimization technology in B/PW/ CW/Color/TDI mode+ Auto TGC)
  • TSI (Tissue Specific Imaging )
  • iZoomTM: Intelligent high quality real-time image zoom in function. (Zoom in the image area only for full screen; or zoom in the image area with the image parameters for full screen)
  • Multi-frequency probes for 2D and Doppler imaging mode
User Interface and Remappable Controls
  • Power/Battery Indicator
  • Alphanumeric Keys
  • Function Keys
  • Knobs
  • Ergonomic Soft Key Operation
  • Backlight Keys
  • 8 Segment TGC Blank Keys for User-Defined Functions
  • Trackball: color and Sensitivity Adjustment
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Integrated Speakers, Audio Volume Adjustment
  • 320G Integrated Hard Disk
  • External DVD-R/W (Optional)
  • USB ports
  • Image archive on Hard Disk and DVD, temporary saving in cine memory
  • Cine loop; Real-time save to hard disk, Retrospective & Prospective
  • Thumbnail
  • Single image formats: BMP, JPG, DCM, FRM (supports off-line analysis)
  • Multi-frame images formats: AVI, DCM, CIN (supports off-line analysis)
  • iVisionTM
  • Cine review: Auto (Auto review segment can be set), Manual, Simultaneous review for 2D, M/D images.
  • Send/ Print image after End Exam
  • Max. frames in HDD:  ≥10,000,000 frames (JPG format), ≥100,000 frames (FRM format)
  • DICOM: DICOM Storage, DICOM print, DICOM Worklist,  Query/ Retrieve, Structured Report (SR),  Storage Commitment, MPPS, Media review
  • iStationTM (Intelligent Patient Data Management Unit)
  • Integrated search engine for patient data.
  • Detailed patient information view
  • Intelligent data backup/restore
  • Patient data/image sending
  • Patient data delete
  • Exam managing: create new exam, activate exam and continue exam
  • Recycle Bin
  • Patient task management
Standard Configuration
  • High resolution 15 inch LCD Monitor
  • B Mode
  • M Mode
  • PWD (Pulse Wave Doppler)
  • HPRF (High Pulse Repeat Frequency)
  • Color Doppler Imaging
  • Power Doppler Imaging
  • Directional Power Doppler Imaging
  • Tissue Harmonic imaging
  • Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging
  • Trapezoid Imaging
  • iBeam™
  • iTouch™
  • iStation™
  • 320G Integrated Hard DiskMulti-language screen display and control panel overlay
  • DVD-RW
  • Net Storage Function: Have the capability to direct transfer data through a network cable to PC or another M7Vet system. No special software dependent.
  • External USB DVD-RW: SE-S224Q
  • I/O extend module: IOM-21
  • Probe extend module: PEM-21
  • V/A extend module: VAM-11
  • ECG module: ECG-21
  • ECG lead
  • Footswitch :971-SWNOM SP-997-350
  • Mobile trolley: UMT-200, UMT-300
  • Carry Bag
  • Dust-Proof Cover
  • Battery Pack (LI23I001A)
  • Wireless Ethernet adapter
  • Needle-guided brackets
  • iClearTM
  • CWD (Continuous Wave Doppler)
  • iScapeTM View
  • Free Xros M (Anatomical M)
  • Smart 3D
  • 4D (Including: Static 3D, Volume Transducer is necessary)
  • IMT (Intima-Media Thickness)
  • TDI(Tissue Doppler imaging) (Including:TVI,TEI,TVD,TVM)
  • Free Xros CM (Curved Anatomical M-Mode, TDI is necessary)
  • TDI Quantitative Analysis
  • Abdominal Package / Obstetrical Package / Gynecological Package / Cardiac Package / Small Parts Package / Urological Package / Vascular Package / Pediatric Package / Nerve Blocks Package / Emergency Medicine Package
DICOM Options
  • Basic Function Module
  • Worklist
  • MPPS
  • OB/GYN structured report
  • Vascular structured report
  • Cardiac structured report
  • Query/Retrieve



18 months manufacturers warranty on systems and transducers (Contact BCF for more information)

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