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  • Small Animal
  • Exotics

SK-500I meets all the basic requirements for general use.


Price - $750.00 + GST
This product is 'New Old Stock'. Please contact us directly to enquire further or to purchase.


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Price - $750.00 + GST
Product is 'New Old Stock'. Please contact us directly to enquire further or to purchase.

• Compatible with 10ml/20ml/50ml standard syringes as open system
• Reminder alarm in case of forgetting to start the operation
• Wireless data transmission with infusion supervision system
• Micro flow rate until 0.1ml/h with increment of 0.1ml to satisfy the requirement for Neonatal/Pediatric
• Alarm volume adjustable on 3 levels
• Anti-bolus system to reduce significantly bolus after occlusion sudden release

Operating Mode

Flow Rate Mode

Syringe Type


Preset Volume


Accumulated Injection Volume

0.1 - 999.9 ml

Flow rate range

10 ml syringe: 0.1 ml/h - 100 ml/h (increment 0.1ml/h) 20 ml syringe: 0.1 ml/h - 200 ml/h (increment 0.1 ml/h) 50 ml syringe: 0.1 ml/h - 500 ml/h (increment 0.1 ml/h)



Bolus Rate

10 ml syringe: 100 ml/h, 20 ml syringe : 200 ml/h, 50 ml syringe : 500 ml/h

KVO Rate

0.1-5.0ml/h adjustable, 1ml/h as default

Display Screen

2.0 inch B/W LCD


Flow Rate, Accumulated injection volume, Preset volume, Syringe size, Battery capacity, Bed No., AC power indicator, Battery charge indicator, etc.

Alarm Type

Finish, Near, Syringe Empty, Syringe Disengaged, Occlusion, System Error, Battery Empty, Low Battery, Reminder to operate, No AC Power

Occlusion Alarm Pressure Range

3 levels: 60kPa, 100kPa, 140kPa (±20kPa), Level Low as default

Battery Type

Lithium polymer batteryInformation

Operation Time

Up to 4 hours continuous operation @5 ml/h flow rate

Environment Temperature

5 - 40 C for operating, -20 - 50 C for storageLife

Air Pressure

86 - 106 kPa for operating, 50 - 106 kPa for storage


20 % - 80 % for operating, 10 % - 95 % for storage


Class II, Type BF


310mm (L) x 125mm (D), x 115mm (H)


Aprroximately 1.8kg

Power Supply

100 - 240 VAC, 0.25-0.11A, 50/60 Hz

Waterproof Level


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